Bye-Bye-Server - Q1 Update

A lot of things have happened since October - let's get you up to speed

Jira – Stay or Leave: Top 6 pros and cons

Since Atlassian has announced the end-of-life timeline for Jira Server, many of you are now to decide on what to do next. To make a good decision, read on and learn about the top three reasons to stay on Jira and the top three ones to leave.

Betting on Atlassian DataCenter?

With Atlassian Server products being retired, customers are tempted choose Atlassians Data Center offering instead. Let us explain why that might not be the greatest idea.

A first look at Youtrack

In this series, we want to highlight competing products to Atlassian Jira and we start with a familiar name in the software development world, Jetbrains.

Five reasons to look for alternatives

The community reaction to Atlassians announcement to stop selling server products was ... to put it mildly ... mixed. There was a lot of frustration on social media - and even though Atlassian Solution Partners are trying to clean up the mess, here are five reasons why it might be time to turn our backs on Atlassian products and move on

Five reasons to stick to Atlassian products

Lets assume your business was surprised yesterday by Atlassians announcement to completely discontinue the server version of its products by 2024. This has caused much frustration and lack of understanding in the community. But in this article we want to give you a few reasons to continue using Atlassian products.

What to do next?

Atlassian has announced the discontinuation of sales and support for its own server products. The announcement came as a shock to many existing server customers. Now there are many questions - but the most important one at this time is probably the following: What are the next steps? We try to find answers.