Bye-Bye-Server - Q1 Update

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Since we launched this site last October, a lot of things have happened. We have been mentioned in several news outlets like Business Insider or german tech news site, We have received numerous contributions to the github repository, as well as guest blog posts.

A big thank you to all the contributors!

Goodbye new license sales

Since the beginning of February, you can not buy new licenses for Atlassian Server products anymore. That was to be expected and many companies took the chance to renew all licenses before this date to take advantage of lower pricing (remember, there were price increases announced with the discontinuation of Server sales). Now - it certainly is anecdotal evidence - but after speaking to many partners and gathering feedback during virtual Atlassian Community events, we think the majority of Server customers have renewed their licenses for 1 or 2 years and are still looking for solutions for the inevitable end of Server support. The next deadline, February 2022, is when upgrades and downgrades of licenses will no longer be possible.

The Cloud Business

Last time we looked at Atlassian Cloud products, especially Confluence was lacking in terms of end user performance. This has gotten somewhat better since, as page load performance has markedly improved in our testing. On the Jira side, Atlassian has launched Jira Service Management, which offers a lot over their on premises features, thanks to Opsgenie especially.

We have launched 2 apps for Jira Cloud in recent months, Story Mapping App (Free and Pro), as well as Journey Mapping App. Of course both of them will be available for Server and Data Center as well.

About that lower user tier for Data Center

We still have not seen any definitive answers from Atlassian regarding a 250 user tier for Data Center. There have been various rumors so far but nothing has surfaced. As outlined in a previous blog post, we are a bit wary about Atlassian's DC offering in general. The new list price for Atlassian Jira Software DC 500 user (lowest tier available at this time) is USD 42,000 as of Februar 2021, up from USD 20,400 previously.

Competition is heating up

We have had a lot of contributions from Atlassian competitors as well as product announcements for Atlassians on premise customers, which you can find on the front page!

Additionally, Github Enterprise Server was mentioned in Githubs December Universe event and received the first major upgrade in years, bringing Github Actions and Packages to on premises.

Another highlight last year have been our interactions with the team at Helpy. Helpy provides a HIPAA compliant alternative to Jira Service Management, available both on premise and cloud. A blog post on Helpy is coming soon.

JetBrains meanwhile is aiming to release it's new product Space as a standalone edition this year. We have partnered with them to provide professional services in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Reach out to us for a free demo of JetBrains' YouTrack and Space.

We would love to hear from you

Have you already migrated away from Server? Have you switched to a different platform altogether? We would love to highlight migration experiences on this blog - reach out to us at!