Five reasons to stick to Atlassian products

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In this article we want to show the pros when sticking to Atlassian products. You can read about the cons in "Five reasons why you should look for alternatives".

Let's assume your business was surprised yesterday by Atlassian's announcement to completely discontinue the server version of its products by 2024. This has caused much frustration and lack of understanding in the community. But in this article we want to give you a few reasons to look past the social media storm and continue using Atlassian products.

Reason 1: Your employees appreciate Atlassian products

No matter whether you use server, data centers or the cloud - you have certainly already invested a lot of time and energy in the product you have chosen. A Scrum training course using Jira, a self-developed app, an intranet adapted to your needs. The investment is most likely enormous. And your employees appreciate it. A new product means getting used to it, new processes and changes that can cause frustration. Atlassian products are quite homogeneous among themselves. So even if you move from server to cloud, the experience for your users will not change fundamentally.

Reason 2: Cloud also offers opportunities

If cloud is an option for you, there are also certain opportunities. First of all, you will discover one or two features in your Atlassian products that will positively surprise you, because the Cloud products have been continuously developed over the last few years in contrast to the server products, which have stayed mostly the same. Also, the Cloud offers a variety of new integrations with Cloud services that you may already be using in your company. And the server administration and annoying updates have come to an end once and for all. A lot less stress for your system administrator.

Reason 3: The Marketplace is unique

Atlassian is not alone on the market - especially in recent years, numerous new competing products have been launched. But the ecosystem around Atlassian products is still unbeatable, with thousands of apps and integrations that you won't find at other providers. It is possible that other ticketing systems offer more than Jira - things that in the Atlassian environment can only be solved with apps. But on the other hand you can often choose between several apps in the Marketplace and find one that matches your requirements best. And if you already use apps successfully - the chance that the app vendor will port or has already ported it to the Cloud and DC version, is high.

Reason 4: Change brings uncertainty and risks

The grass is not always greener on the other side, especially when it comes to software products. Other products also have weaknesses, cost a lot of money or are unstable or not yet mature enough for your requirements. Switching to another ecosystem must be well considered - especially if you decide to use a commercial product.

Unfortunately, many IT providers make the switch from on-premises to cloud and it is not always to the advantage of the customer. That means you often don't have any guarantees that you can continue to stay on-premises, even with competing products that make such claims today.

Reason 5: You are already well-supported today

Let's not forget the relationship between you and your Atlassian partner when choosing the ecosystem. If you change the product, you will also have to find a new integrator. Atlassian Solution Partners are established but young companies that are very customer-oriented and provide very good services. If you are happy with your vendor - why change?

We hope this article will give you some clarity. If none of the arguments convinced you, it might be time to change - alternative products can be found on our homepage.

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