Five reasons to look for alternatives

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

In this article we list the counterarguments to "Five Reasons to stick to Atlassian products".

The community reaction to Atlassian's announcement to stop selling server products was ... to put it mildly ... mixed. There was a lot of frustration on social media - and even though Atlassian Solution Partners are trying to clean up the mess, here are five reasons why it might be time to turn our backs on Atlassian products and move on

Reason 1: Atlassian is not interested in you

Many customers now feel completely let down by Atlassian. And that impression is not unjustified. In fact, for customers with small to medium-sized user tiers, the only way forward is to go to the cloud. And not everyone wants to go down this path - no matter how much Atlassian tries to convince people to do so. Atlassian seems to have come to terms with the fact that its own product offering is no longer suitable for all customers. And is also prepared to lose these customers.

Reason 2: You are in an endless price increase spiral

The announced price increases for data center and server editions are just the newest additions to a long list of price hikes. The formerly low priced server offer has long since become a major cost factor in the 5-digit range for many customers. And with Data Center everything is getting worse. A Jira installation that was purchased for less than $10000 a few years ago suddenly costs >$100000 ... every year. Also caused by the price increases of app vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Reason 3: Ignored for years

Have you ever been to and voted for a feature or bug? You may have noticed that many of them were opened over 15 years ago. Unfortunately, Atlassian has let customers down for years and failed to address many of their concerns. Some of the gaps have been filled by app vendors but many still exist - like the famous CLOUD-6999 - Custom Domains for Cloud Apps or JRASERVER-7266 - Editor for email templates.

Reason 4: Technical frustrations

If you read about Jira on social media, you will find many frustrated users who are not satisfied with the Jira installation in their company. Partly this is due to badly set up local instances that do not perform properly or fail more often due to technical problems or lack of resources. Surprisingly often though, these people talk about Atlassian's own cloud - and indeed: Atlassian products have become slow and frustrating to use. With Confluence Cloud today, you can watch every single button load, slowing you down a lot. Insert macros - and what takes fractions of a second on Server can cause some decent waiting times in Cloud - especially when it comes to third party apps.

Reason 5: You want more

A change of products also offers opportunities - maybe competing products offer features that the Atlassian platform does not - or only through third party vendors? The search for alternatives also always offers the chance to clean out your application portfolio and make room for new ones, to optimize processes, to work better together - or simply to eliminate what is no longer needed and save costs.

We are looking forward to taking a closer look at the wide world beyond Atlassian products and will write a lot more about it in our blog. Any suggestions or questions? Please write to us at