What to do next?

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Atlassian has announced the discontinuation of sales and support for its own server products. The announcement came as a shock to many existing server customers. Now there are many questions - but the most important one at this time is probably the following: What are the next steps? We try to find answers.

Atlassian Server products have been around for many years - the first version of Jira was released in 2002 - and there are many customers who have been loyal to Atlassian for decades. The more you invest in the platform over the years and the more users you have in Confluence, Bitbucket or Jira, the harder it becomes to decide what to do next. Thousands of Jira projects, Confluence areas, apps, user data, custom apps. How do you migrate all that? And the answer is not always clear, because Atlassian customers are so diverse. It always depends on what your needs are - what's important to you - and what you can possibly do without.

Many Atlassian administrators probably feel overwhelmed at the moment because of the collossal task that lies ahead. But like every journey, everything begins with a step - after all, you don't climb a mountain by jumping up.

The first advice I want to give you is very simple - just wait. The server version of your products is supported until 2024. And time is playing for you!

Atlassian's announcement has caused a big stir in the market. Now the phone is ringing off the hook at many alternative product providers, Atlassian partners and Atlassian itself. Chances are that in a few months, the transition will be much easier for you than it is today - either Atlassian Cloud products will become more attractive and support the features you lack today - or the competition will fill the gap. In the meantime - if you have an active server maintenance license - reach out to your Atlassian partner so they can generate a quote with the existing pricing. You have until February to do so.

We will try to follow this development on this page, analyze the market, try out third party products and give you tips on how to make the migration - wherever - easier.

This work will be continued, so please add this page to your favorites and visit us again soon.